Mystery Customer, the Australian mystery shoppingprovider, conducted interviews to find out what good service is in the eyes of customers.

More than two-thirds (78%) of shoppers say that good service includes customer recognition and building a good relationship with customers. Listening to customers and paying attention to their needs are of great importance. As one of the shoppers said "I want to feel like a special client for whom they'd been waiting the whole day."

More than half (58%) of customers said that they expected a sincere and warm welcome by the staff. Eye contact and smiles do matter. Involved and friendly employees make customers feel like welcome guests.

One-third (33%) of customers said that good service is the staff's desire to be helpful.

31% of customers believe that staff product competence also contributes to good service.

Among other good service attributes, every 10th customer mentioned also meeting/exceeding clients' expectations, positive impressions after making a purchase, and having time to look round a shop.

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