One of the youngest Malaysian fuel brands of "BHP Petrol" plans its business growth according to the forecasted economic development of the country.

In the last year the company has shown sustained growth, despite competition from better known brands.

Not so long ago, gas stations were just points for filling gasoline. Now many of them have turned into relaxation and shopping centers where it's possible to buy food and drinks and base banking services.

The "BHP Petrol" company has founded about 150 retail shops on the basis of a service station network visited by more than 3000 clients a day.

"We try to provide the best level of service in our retail network shops and at gasoline stations by means of the monthly "Mystery Shopper" program. Thus, we evaluate service, purity, goods layout, and the general situation in a shop.

"Our retail offices are informed that we carry out such a program but they don't know the exact time of the evaluation. Those who have the best results receive a motivational travel tour as a gift," said Mr. James Hou, the Marketing and Purchasing Director of "BHP Petrol".


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