According to Marketwired, Montreal-based BMO Bank provides the quickest customer service responses  among Canadian online banks, as shows a yearlong mystery shoppingprogram conducted by Surviscor, a business research and intelligence company.Meridian Credit Union and Steinbach Credit Union made it to the top three. 
"The big Canadian banks seem to be struggling when servicing non-social media related general public site enquiries as compared to online brokerage firms" said Glenn LaCoste, President of Surviscor. "BMO Bank of Montreal is the only exception and should be recognized for its efforts. It takes them on average 6 hours to respond while their big bank industry peers range between 12 to 24 hours." added LaCoste.
The Service Level Assessment (SLA) program, analyzed 178 'mystery shopper' service enquiries, per firm, sent between January 1st, 2014 and December 31st, 2014 to over forty Canadian online brokerage and banking firms. Surviscor determined the average response time to service enquiries over the year and calculated a Service Level Index per month for each firm. In addition, Surviscor tracked every detail of correspondence including the time to respond, the performance of the stated response guidelines through auto-responses and the accuracy of the answer provided.
"We are extremely proud of our commitment to providing customers with an excellent and seamless experience for every transaction," said Connie Stefankiewicz, Head, North American Channel Strategy and Solutions. "The fact that BMO has been recognized as a leader in online banking is a tremendous honor and a proof of the strength of our team, our innovative mindset and our focus on helping our customers with their financial lives where and when they need it."
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