Mystery shoppers found two out of every three supermarkets they visited mediocre or worse – such results have been revealed by BARE International in heir recent study.
The goal was to conduct a benchmarking study in order to give grocery stores guidance on how their customers rank them compared to competitors in particular and the industry overall. The result was quite unexpected.
BARE selected for evaluation 26 random U.S. supermarkets, both belonging to large chains and locally owned. “The overall score lower than 90% indicates a mediocre customer experience”, explains Michael L. Bare, the company’s president. “And that refers to 62% of the audited facilities. 53% of them scored lower than 85%, and 19% - under 75%”.
The fact that every fifth store scored under 75% is shocking, as among those 20% at the bottom there are some well-known chains. This means that a regular supermarket experience is neither exciting nor pleasant for the customers.
Five departments were ranked in each store: meat, bakery, deli, greengrocery and prepared foods. Additional parameters ranked included customer service quality, cleanliness, and conduct of staff.
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