How to show a customer care or what is «customer service» by 4Service

Customer service

Customer Service from 4Service, this is a program on the development of a sequence of actions aimed at increasing of the level of customer satisfaction.
At the end of the program your clients will have the feelings, that the product or service meet their expectations, and increases their level of recommendations.

Customer service is a basis and a key to the building of the competent client relationships. It allows to form the positive customer experience and returns your customers for the product or service over and over again.

Do you want to know, what is the basis of customer service in your country?

According to the experience of 4Service generally customer service in companies is based on the compliance with regulations and standards of service that are the same for all and does not include customer specificity and certain situations. Recently, despite the fulfillment of service standards, the level of commitment to the clients is very low. This means that the era of standardized service is a thing of the past, now the emotions are in the foreground, as well as creative and individual approach.

To provide the staff with rigid frameworks, and then to complain about the low level of recommendations, that is the inheritance of blinkered and non-progressive managers.

While you are trying to find out, why your clients are all of a sudden irritated by the consultant question: "How can I help you?", then we have to disappoint you, these phrases do not work anymore, in the way they did not work three years ago.

Because the basis of customer service contains the following concepts

customer support

customer care

Customer support is a service client support during the process of choosing or baying of the product. Customer support includes qualified personnel valuing not sales but the help to the client. This is the availability of the prompt feedback across all channels of communication. Also it should include a problemless product return system and technical support at all stages of operation.

In the other words, customer service is all services of the company that simplify the life of the client, and help to make a purchase or to use the service.

Many companies may have a well-established service support for customers, but this does not mean that the level of customer care is also high. This is because the customer care is a complete customer care, personalization of services and individual approach to everyone. It is beyond the standards of service, it si about the "humanization" of the process.

The successful experience of communication with the company on behalf of its employees comes to customer experience, which in its turn is a combination of impressions received by client from the interaction with the company. And every manager should strive to make this experience more positive, and then the percentage of positive recommendations and the profit will increase.

4Service company provides a full cycle of development of the positive client relationship with the company.

Mystery shopping service ⎫ allows to conduct staff monitoring, to evaluate the service of the company, and that allows to receive necessary information to make changes into the strategy of brand development.

Do you want to know what effect do your promo-actions have, how your promoters work and what emotions do they cause in the clients?
This and much more can be determined by POS-audit service, that is about to monitor and to take success rates of the promotion actions, placing of advertising POS-materials and activity of promoters.

GuestTrack  service allow to gather all testimonials of the company in one place and to receive a qualitative feedback. This is a single window of analytics for rapid improvement of the quality of service.

To determine the level of promoters, neutrals and critics among your customers there is a NPS-management program. This one gives you the possibility to receive the answer for the main question: whether the customers are ready to recommend your company?

These tools are checked by time and experience, since 4Service company is successfully developing in the service market for 15 years already and during this period of time it has become a monopolist of services provided in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The branch of services is changed from day to day.

Are you ready to accept the new rules of the customer service and to win? – 4Service will be a reliable pillar.

 Trust your service future to the leaders!

In everyday work, in our relations with the customers, in the interaction with the exterior world, we, 4Service team, are guided by several principles. They are essential for us since they determinate the actions and decisions we take and help to realize the company’s development strategy.

4Service is a team of like-minded people. The goals of the company are achieved only with the team efforts. For each of us the following five main values of the company are the most essential:



Our audacity means our constant striving for more, our desire to achieve even more than it is possible. We are never afraid to try anything new.




Our greed means the increasing of our efficiency, enlarging our sources both financial and human. We strive for the leadership. Proactivity is our usual state.




Our actions bear no formalities. Each of us thinks before acting. We realize which use can bring every effort we make.




We are honest with ourselves and with people we ineract. We are ready to ask the direct questions clear out the complicated points and share the information and we expect the honest answers from our interlocutor. We trust our colleagues and we expect the honesty in response.




We support each other, because we realize that the great results can be achieved only working in team. We respect ourselves, our colleagues and partners. Ethics and humanity determine our behavior inside the company, as well as with the interested parties.