Web Social Media for producer – we make the online reputation of your brand impeccable!

Importance of the Internet communities increases stunningly fast. Most of, people are interested in reviews of products, services, a company or a brand. Search engines process millions of requests on this subject every second. Thousands of subjective reviews are posted in blogs or social networks, which form the general image of the brand. It’s great if the reviews are positive, but what if they are not? What to do then?

To use the Web Social Media, naturally!

The poor service or dissatisfaction with the purchase arouses the need to share this experience with the whole world. Fortunately, today there are a lot of possibilities to do it with the help of:

Social networks;

Specialised forums on various subjects;

Different blogs for active communication.

The negative information gets right there and spreads like cancer. Like in the medicine, the quick action is required while the disease is still curable.

4Service improves the reputation of the brand

Web Social Media – is a convenient resource from 4Service to manage the reputation in the web. Our employees carefully explore the informational field, detect the negative reviews and analyse their cause.

The results of the monitoring are presented to the management of our client’s company as well as the recommendations in order to improve the situation. Sometimes it is enough to offer public apologies for the defaults, be attentive to the person and hear him or her out.

Every case of the negative experience requires an individual approach, and 4Service specialists perfectly cope with this task. Correct communication and care about the customer have a magic effect turning the insulted author of the furious message into a loyal customer.

Why our program is unique

4Service specialists during the years of work with Web Social Media, have created a unique product which clearly stands out among the similar offers on the market. Our program is highly advantageous for the clients, since it consists of:

  1. Unique vocabulary. This tool contains thousands of words and phrases with which it’s very easy to find any mentions of the brand, store and product online. Every new research brings to the vocabulary new words, which makes it constantly grow.
  2. Manual work. Indispensable for the efficient analysis, because only this way it is possible to estimate the emotional shade of the online messages and to separate the adjectives. The machines are of no use in such case.
  3. Automatic analysis. The biggest work content which is the flow segmentation and creation of the semantic core, we trust to the special software. Automatic analysis is the best solution for such need.

4Service Web Social Media – is a perfect chance to maintain and strengthen the brand’s reputation. Control of the informational field helps you to improve its image. The number of loyal clients grows and the income increases at the same time.

Are you tired of the negative reviews? – We will help to change the situation!

Do you want to improve the brand’s image in your customers’ eyes? – It is possible with 4Service!

The competitors started the information war against you? – We will make sure you win it!

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