In opening a new restaurant, coffee shop or fast food, every entrepreneur wants every visitor enjoyed a visit to his institution, and again returned.

What influences the choice of the visitor, in which the restaurant serves delicious meals and entertain your taste buds, the company learned 4Service within its research quality of service in the restaurants of the CIS countries.

The most important and fundamental criterion when choosing a restaurant is, of course, the quality of food, it is oriented 68% of the respondents.

Arriving at the restaurant, a 91% visitors pay attention to courtesy of waiters, bartenders and hostels. Less important factor in approximately equal percentages of respondents proved to criteria such as atmosphere and comfort, pricing policy and the experience of past visits. restaurant

Moreover, 88% of the respondents appreciate the competence of employees , and for 84% lovers restaurant recreation plays an important role, and efficiency Service . Only 29% cafe visitors pay attention to service, 26% on the speed of service. On a positive impression of a visit to the restaurant is most affected by delicious cuisine.

This criterion is chosen 59% of the respondents, and goodwill staff remembered, first of all, 52% of customers. restaurant

In general, instantly delivered flavorful dish that you've chosen under the influence of skilled instruction smiling waiter will eclipse any other error in the quality of service.

The survey was conducted 4Service Group company in the CIS countries in the period March - April 2015. The survey involved 279 respondents.

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