In early autumn 4Service company conducted research on the service expectations of the men and women who visit grocery supermarkets. Interesting findings were revealed about who accompanied shoppers during their grocery shopping.  Men proved rather to go shopping with friends, while women tend to go shopping with children.

An equal number of men and women go shopping with their spouses – 32%.  Men go shopping on their own 9% more often than women: 50% of men and 41% of women correspondingly.  However, it’s more common for men to go to supermarkets with friends, whereas women shop with children.

Only 2% of men visit supermarkets with children, whereas it's a usual practice for women – 17% of women are accompanied by children. Men, however, prefer the company of adults: they are seen with friends in supermarkets 7% more often than women are.

In August/September of 2014, 4Service company conducted this opinion poll among supermarket customers in Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan.  1364 people took part in the poll. The sample was weighted according to gender and age.

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