The way how a shop-assistant addresses the client is the first thing that draws customer’s attention. The further interest to the product and the desire to make a purchase will largely depend on this first impression. That is why, for shop managers it is crucial to know what kind of greeting their clients prefer.

The findings of the survey “How would you like the shoe seller to address you?”, conducted by 4Service Group, showed that every second customer would like a simple greeting from the shop-assistant, and feel more comfortable, if he doesn’t say anything else.

51% of customers in footwear stores don’t like obtrusiveness and appreciate a neutral polite greeting. The majority of respondents wouldn’t like the shop-assistant to start a conversion, before the customer asks for help.  

At the same time, a significant number of surveyed clients enjoy when shop-assistants try to find individual approach to every visitor. 46% of shoppers have chosen a more extended, though still unobtrusive variant: “Good afternoon, my name is Julia and I am your personal consultant. If you need something, I will gladly help you with your choice”. 

For 11% of customers it is important to be informed by the shop-assistants about special offers and new arrivals. Only 8% of people who took part in the survey admitted, that they like when shop staff, while addressing the client, give information about the goods and try to find out the client’s needs, as in the following example: “Here you can find models made of natural materials, very elegant and comfortable. What occasion are you choosing for?”

This survey was conducted by 4Service Group in autumn 2014 among the customers of footwear stores in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. The sample was gender- and age-weighted. 

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