4Service Consulting is a priceless experience when the best worldwide practice works for you!

Usually the results of practical marketing researches are the actual numbers reflecting the service level, customers’ devotion or the staff’s motivation level. However, the numbers are nothing but a statement of facts. In order to benefit from the received data, some real actions are required. The employees and consulting from 4Service can cope with this uneasy task.

The benefit from 4Service consulting services

The practical realisation of improvement is the main goal of 4Service consulting program. Our services are directed at:

improving the service quality;

increasing the staff’s involvement in work;

strengthening of the customers’ devotion;

sales increasing.

4Service consulting is a logical follow-up of the realisation of the program Mystery Shopper which clearly detects the state of affairs in every store of the corporation network.

How we work

In order to realise efficiently Service consulting services we work in several directions:

  1. We develop and integrate in practice the highest service standards.
  2. We analyse and improve the results obtained after the program Mystery Shopper.
  3. We help to overcome the resistance of the employees against the program Mystery Shopper
  4. We develop the efficient system to motivate and involve the staff.
  5. We focus on the sales stimulation, including the use of the program Mystery Shopper.

In order to improve the attitude of the regional managers, we organize special seminars, during which the best worldwide practice that can be applied to the particular situation is used.

Our work is based on our corporate values:

Love. We love our work and clients, so we sincerely wish to help you to improve your service.

Use. The researches and consultations have clear goals and directions. Only this approach can bring use the maximal use.

Truth. We give only those promises that we can keep.

Greed. We are full of desire to share our recommendations. We always gladly share the knowledge we have with our clients.

Audacity. We need it to realise the boldest projects based on simple (genius) ideas.

4Service consulting is an advantageous cooperation to improve the quality of your service. We provide you with the access to the best worldwide experience in the sales field, strategic planning and efficient business construction. All the changes that we integrate are based on the experience and successful cases realised all over the world. Join us!

Do you need a competent consulting to improve your service? – Contact us!

Do you want to optimize the management process? – We will help you!

Do you want to make the staff the most loyal? – With 4Service it is very easy!

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