4Service GuestTrack – is a unique online portal which allows to manage customers’ loyalty

Nowadays almost every company is trying to measure the customers’ loyalty, their satisfaction and adherence to the brand. So far this process is quite chaotic. You receive hundreds of reviews, feedback in the books of complaints, social networks and through other channels to interact with the customer. The lack of time to analyze the data is catastrophic, every second wasted on manual analytic threatens the decrease of the customers’ loyalty, whereas the service strategy requires the digitization of the results. It is continuous manual processing and absence of the clear vision of the situation that can make you lose your customers and your company’s reputation.

Measuring the customers' loyalty is one of the most important tasks of every commercial company. It is for this purpose that the complicated marketing researches are made, the newest strategies are developed and integrated, and the social surveys are conducted, basing on which the samples researches are made.

4Service offers an absolutely different approach to the measurement, managing and calculating of customers’ loyalty – the online-portal GuestTrack.

How GuestTrack works

Every customer coming to the store wants to share his impressions:

about the service quality;

about the blunders he noticed;

about the mistakes made by the staff during the service.

This precious for the company’s director information is wasted in vain. It accumulates additional details and then is passed to friends and relatives. Basing on the heard information, people form their opinion about your company. Often it has nothing in common with the opinion of the management.

4Service’s idea is exceedingly simple. We created a special product – the online portal GuestTrack. Here the customers share their experience of their cooperation with your company.

GuestTrack is very convenient for the clients for the following reasons:

it is working 24 hours per day in the mode «here and now» for every customer;

it is accessible and it covers all groups of customers;

it has intuitively clear interface;

it provides the online connection between the customer and the management, allowing him to express his thoughts.

You get the information about the current situation in the stores from the primary source without any intermediators. You obtain a unique possibility to react instantly and take the necessary steps to eliminate the defaults.

What the GuestTrack is used for

Using the possibilities of the portal GuestTrack offers your company the following benefits:
  1. You will find out the truth. Usual customers will massively inform you about the real service quality in the points of sale.

  2. You get the real use. You will have at your disposal the back office with the digital results of the service. Having the detailed image about the states of affaires of your business, you will find much easier making the right conclusions and amending the blunders.

  3. You offer the respect to your customer. Thanks to the quality way of providing feedback, the customers feel their personal importance and become more loyal.

  4. You satisfy your thirst for information. Instead of developing your company at random, you will base the strategy on the actual data received from the customers.

  5. You audaciously overpass your competitor, finding the maximum loyalty in your customer. And it’s not surprising since you have a unique tool, GuestTrack, at your disposal.

  6. You encircle the tasks concerning the service. The functional allows to define the tasks and to allocate the responsible with only “one click”, tracking the customer’s issue solution status.

The portal GuestTrack creates for you a great possibility to manage the customers’ loyalty, develop the strategy and set new goals to improve the service basing on your customers’ opinion.

The comfort of using this product makes a routine service tracking pleasant and effective. With our help taking the efficient steps and suppressing the defaults is very simple.

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