Teamwork was the key to victory for the Giltrap Audi dealership, who won New Zealand’s Best Workplace Award. The award was sponsored by the Kenexa company.

Gary Perium, CEO of Giltrap Audi, said: "We all work as a team. Each team member can stand in for any other if necessary. This is how we maintain good customer service. We must be sure that our service standards are always high; it means that we rely both on each employee and on teamwork."

Gary Perium’s office is in the heart of the auto dealership; he is in everyone's line of sight. "I’m in touch with my staff," - he says. "And it's not only by e-mail, it’s face to face contact and settling questions promptly."

Mystery shopping confirmed a high level of service at the dealership.

Giltrap Audi has a bonus system connected with customer satisfaction and an Employee of the Month competition.

"We will never have a second chance, so our customer service must be fantastic each day," - Gary Perium says.

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