According to a study by SPRING Singapore, an entrepreneurship development agency, implementation of the service improvement program Customer-Centric Initiatives (CCI) resulted in a 26% increase in income for Singapore retailers.

SPRING Singapore monitored 100 retailers a year after the implementation. One successful example is EpiCentre, which saw a 100% increase in income after launching the 18-month CCI project in January 2011.

The new initiatives included mystery shopper visits and a new system of gathering customer feedback.

As of today, the program is being used by 25% of all Singapore retailers. The current goal is to launch a similar project in specific retail sectors.

Mr. Yeo Guate Quang, the chairman of the CCI Operations Committee, says: "We used to focus on a wide audience and appeal to all retail sectors. Now we plan to narrow our approach. For example, if you have a network of shops and grocery stores, we’ll give you a ready-made toolkit and know-how for each sector."

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