Shep Hyken, a customer service expert, mentions companies whose success is based on customer feedback.

Ace Hardware is one of the best examples of a company that has stayed successful through customer surveys and service quality measurement.

This privately-owned store network gained overall recognition due to its attentive service. To be sure they meet customer expectations, they take advantage of a "mystery shopper" program. There is a correlation between the high ratings of mystery shoppers and the success of a store. Using attentive service, Ace Hardware outmarketed giants like Home Depot and Lowes (just like in the David and Goliath episode).

American Express also has shown recent great advances. They started as a usual credit card company with all the typical customer complaints and dissatisfaction. In order to change this, they introduced the "Net Promoter Score".
They now finish each telephone call by asking how likely customers would be to recommend them (on a scale of 1-10).
Being one of the most important indicators of customer care, these scores also determine the call center employees' bonuses. Today, American Express is seen as one of the best service companies. All companies that monitor and measure service quality enjoy a fundamental advantage.

They can see their benefits and, more importantly, they know their weaknesses. Both good and poor performance can be used to improve customer service. The fitting reward for this is the growth of current profits and enhancement of the client base, both resulting from the company's unblemished reputation.

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