Over two autumn months Mystery Shoppers and employees of a Mystery Shopping provider from the USA donated more than $7,000 for research programs of autism, a widely-spread and not-well-studied illness.

From September to the Halloween, shoppers from A Closer Look company took part in the Fall Mystery Shopper Fundraiser program, an autumn charity collection for the NGO “Autism Speaks”, which is devoted to the problems of autism.

The company explained why they chose Autism Speaks specifically. According to the latest research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA, 1 in every 68 children in the world suffers from autism. Moreover, Mystery Shoppers and A Closer Look employees have relatives and friends who suffer from this disease. Autism knows no limits, its cause is yet not fully understood, but further research can help clear up the roots of this disease.New research needs funding, which is what Autism Speaks is for. A Closer Look Mystery Shoppers, through fundraising, have made their contribution to the fight against this disease.

Apart from fundraising, the company and its employees wanted to draw public attention to a serious problem which can affect any family. Two employees of A Closer Look shared their stories about relatives who suffer from disorders of an autistic nature.

On October 31, Halloween night, the money collection account was closed. The joint efforts of company staff and Mystery Shoppers resulted in more than $7,000 for new autism research.

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