The banks of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have been audited by means of Mystery Shopping. During the research, conducted by Dive, mystery shoppers visited banking centers and, according to the visit scenario, made enquiries about deposit and investment opportunities.  On the whole, at the end of last year, 6 Estonian banks , 9 Latvian and 9 Lithuanian banks underwent the audit. The number of mystery shoppers’ visits to Estonian banks amounted to 60, in Latvia and Lithuania – 82 and 85 visits respectively.
Danske Bank (97.3%), Finasta (96.8%) and SEB (92.7%) became the three top banks of Lithuania. In Estonia the leaders were Danske Bank (90.7%), Swedbank (86.6%) and Nordea (84.3%), while in Latvia –  Citadele (91.7%), DnB (90.0%) and BIGBANK (85.5%).As well as one year ago, Lithuanian banks proved to provide the best service quality, scoring 88% on average. At the same time, in Latvia and Estonia the average score is 82%.
However, the level of Lithuanian service quality varies from bank to bank. Two headliners – Danske Bank and Finasta – managed to get the close-to-maximum score for two years of the research. This means, that the clients expectations are not only met, but often, exceeded, and all the standards of the industry are fulfilled.
Estonian bank employees turned out to lack the skill of defining the client’s needs – in many cases they neither asked about the preferred terms and sum of the deposit, nor informed the client about the interest and  liabilities.  
Moreover, compared to the neighboring countries, potential clients in Estonian banks are let out more easily’: while in Latvia bank employees agreed about the next step of cooperation with every third client and in Lithuania – with every fifth, in Estonia such agreement was almost never reached.
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