Employees of Irish service companies smile the most in the world, while clients in Latin America have the highest chances to receive a greeting and extra product suggestion. The 11th report of Better Business World Wide includes the answers to more than 1.7 million questions covering Smile, Greeting and Add-on sales all over the world, collected from Mystery Shopping providers that are members of MSPA.
The report covers the situation in 69 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America. It turned out, that overall 80% of the customers received a smile, 87% were greeted while only 52% received an add-on sales suggestion. The aggregated scores for smile and add-on sales are, surprisingly, lower than previous year. However there are big differences between continents, countries and industries.
Smiling Ireland is at the top of the Smiling ranking with 97%, followed by Greece and Puerto Rico with 93% and Lithuania with 92%. At the bottom of the list of smiling countries, we find Slovenia with 46%. In Asian countries the risk of meeting a sulky shop-assistant is also high: South Korea scored 47%, Hong Kong – 48% and Macau – 55%. The largest improvement was noticed in China, as the number of smiling employees there increased from 58% to 86%. Highest scoring industries were Health & Beauty and Automotive with 86% and Finance 84%, while the lowest was Transport with only 48% smiling.
South American countries beat the records for greeting: Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Martinique, Paraguay, and Venezuela scored 100%. Among the European countries the leader is Slovakia with 99%. The lowest greeting scores were again in Macau 53% and Hong Kong on 58%, leaving Asia at the last place in the rating of continents.  Like with smiling, the most clients get greetings in Health & Beauty Care industry the highest score 95% and Hospitality 94%. Lowest greeting score was found in the Transport industry with 55%.
The number of add-on sales is the highest in  Honduras 97% and Guatemala 91. The least active staff was found in Japan, Cyprus, Croatia and India, where additional goods and services are offered to only one in four customers. The highest scoring continent was South America with 62% and the lowest scoring continent was Africa with 35% and North America with 36%. In more than a half of all countries which took part in the research on add-on sales scored less than 50%.
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