The international booking portal HOTEL INFO has compiled a rating of best European hotels as for the quality of service, based on the survey of over 6, 000, 000 customers.

In a Japanese hotel a new feature from July will be a robot who will welcome the guests at reception. It does remain questionable whether this automated concept will be widely accepted. Hoteliers have realized that a friendly smile is more effective than a thousand words - and often means that minor complaints are forgotten by the guests. Thus a friendly and competent staff has become one of the most important criteria in evaluating a hotel.
HOTEL INFO studied the guests’ reviews and made unexpected conclusions. Finland turned out to be “European Japan”, winning the title of “the land of smiles” in the domain of hospitality. Finnish hotel staff, thanks to the clients high opinion about them, took the first place of the rating with 8,62 out of 10 points. Close to them are Germans and Austrians – hotel staff in their countries was given 8,59 and 8,57 points respectively. In general, the hospitality and competence of employees in European hotels are evaluated as “good” and “very good”.
Ralf Priemer, Managing Director at HOTEL INFO, explains: "For many years now we have observed a considerable increase in positive evaluations in respect of the quality of service." This satisfying increase is almost certainly due to the current high level of transparency in the tourism market. By using booking portals such as HOTEL INFO travellers can not only evaluate hotels themselves but can make use of the many previous evaluations made by guests. 
At the bottom of the table for Europe are Denmark (7.98), Russia and the United Kingdom, both with a score of 7.92. Despite the fact that these countries are at the bottom of the table their hotels are nonetheless evaluated relatively positively by their guests. However if the traveller is expecting the legendary British politeness the actual result is less than satisfactory. 
London also is the last in the rating of European capitals as for the service quality in hotels with 7,73. The best trained staff is in Budapest, which gives the Hungarian capital 8,58 points.
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