Net Promoter Benchmarks Study is a survey that compared Net Promoter Scores of the most popular American brands in 22 categories. The third largest America’s retailer Costco turned out to be the brand to which customers are most loyal.  JetBlue airlines have the largest number of frequent flyers, while the streaming media provider Netflix gets the best customer reviews.
The customer loyalty index is measured by asking customers to rank from 0 to 9 their likelihood of recommending companies or products to their friends. The percentage of detractors (0-6) is subtracted from the percentage of promoters (9-10) to arrive at the score. An excellent NPS of 50 or higher implies that at least 75% of the brand’s clients are promoters.
Costco received NPS of 79, the highest of any company in the study, which breaks out results in 22 industry categories. Also an exemplary brand, as for customer loyalty, is USAA (financial and insurance company) – it finished at the head of three categories: auto insurance, banking, and home insurance.
The renowned mobile phone producer Blackberry, which claimed the most loyal following among cell phone users before the iOS and Android, could well be back. Resurrected by the U.S. introduction of its new Blackberry Passport by AT&T Wireless, it registered the single largest rise in NPS, with an increase of 14 points.
Insurance providers, meanwhile, appeared to be in bad need of loyalty indemnification. Three saw their NPS scores plummet by 20 points or more: Humana, Medicare, and State Farm. Other companies registering double-digit declines were eBay,, Time-Warner Cable, Walgreens, and Walmart Pharmacy.
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