Mystery Shopper for the producer – a usual seller becomes your loyal partner!

Every producer perfectly knows that the seller in the sale point is, as a rule, quite indifferent towards the products he offers. Frankly speaking, he doesn’t care which model of a vacuum cleaner or television set the customer will choose. 4Service offers you a unique tool that can change the situation – the program Mystery Shopper. It turns a common seller into a loyal partner who eagerly recommends your product.

How Mystery Shopper from 4Service works

The main tool of our program is a Secret Shopper. Secret Shopper is a distant employee, who was specially trained and who is ready to perform the tasks in a point of sale on the first demand. We have at our disposal more than 300 000 of such representatives. They live all over Eastern Europe. At any moment, a Secret Shopper can visit the indicated point of sale and benefit to your company.

The mechanism of the program Mystery Shopper was thoroughly elaborated and repeatedly verified in practice:

  1. Before the program start, we set the informational wave. The sellers are informed about the Mystery Shopper program with a detailed explanation of its benefit.
  2. The Secret Shopper makes a checking visit to the store. If it is your product that the seller recommends, he is awarded.
  3. Another alternative is to award the seller afterwards by the client’s (producer’s) representative.

What changes can the program Mystery Shopper offer?

This question is quite fair for a person who has just learnt about our product. Mystery Shopper provides you with 2 great benefits:

Boost of sale for the certain product. Producer’s market weight becomes more important against the competitors positions weakening.

Sellers’ loyalty increasing. Encouraged by the program they become more loyal towards your products and your company in general. Therefore, they start recommending your product much more often.

Mystery Shopper – is an efficient product that helps to increase the sales on a huge territory. It provides you with a real benefit which is income increasing. The sellers satisfied with the award become loyal business partners, who daily recommend your product.

Do you want to encourage the sellers to recommend your product more often? – It is possible!

Do you dream about pushing back your competitors on the market? –We will help you!

Do you intend to improve your image in the trading network? – We know how to achieve the desired result!

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