NPS-management – an efficient tool to increase your customers’ loyalty

Every director wants the customers to treat his company with maximum loyalty. But the reality doesn’t always match our desires. Side by side with the friendly customers there are always the negative ones – the critics. They share their negative attitude with other people, whether it be their relatives, friends or colleagues.

NPS-management allows estimating the quantity of the customers unsatisfied with the service, finding out the reasons and taking steps to eliminate them.

How the customers’ loyalty is measured

For this purpose a special criterion exists – NPS index. It is measured basing on the data received during the survey among the customers, who have used the services of the specific company.

The person is asked to answer if he or she could recommend this company to other people on a 10 point scale.

The received answers are divided into 3 groups:

promoters - 9-10 points;

neutrals - 7-8 points;

critics – 1-6 points.

The considerable exceeding of the critics over the promoters indicates the serious problems with the customers’ loyalty towards the company.

How to turn a critic into promoter

The defined customers’ loyalty index serves as the starting point to the situation improving.

In order to turn the critic into a neutral or a promoter it is necessary to do the following:

  1. To analyse the purchased products or service.
  2. To find out the exact reason of his dissatisfaction.
  3. To detect the location of the customer (city, region).
  4. To amend the defaults causing the negative note of the customer.

The advantages of 4Service NPS-management

4Service NPS-management compares favourably with the similar offers from other companies for the reasons:

  1. 1. The index is measured with the help of our “live” call-centre. The real communication radically differs from the survey with the fixed clichés. Our colleagues will find out the real reason of customer’s dissatisfaction, delicately analysing his state of mind. Asking the adequate questions, they manage to touch the very problem’s heart.
  2. 2. We know how to clearly classify the problems. The person can be dissatisfied with the product price, its quality or an unpleasant seller. The exact classification allows to remove the cause of trouble quickly and efficiently.
  3. 3. You will receive a detailed plan in order to improve the situation — an Action Plan. It is created straightaway after the survey. The plan is adjusted to the specificities of your company, is developed with the help of American convenient software, clearly displayed on tablets and smartphones.

A bit of useful theory about NPS-management

It is generally known that NPS-management is a long-term index of the business efficiency. Defining the NPS index is a primary, but not a unique aim. Apart from this, other important task are solved:

Increasing customer’s desire to make a purchase.

Increasing the store’s income.

Need to come back to the store.

Recommending the store (or the network) to friends and relatives.

Our NPS-management makes your customers loyal. We take in consideration every tiny detail from which forms the customers’ opinion about your business. We help to create a solid system working for the good of your business. We offer you an efficient tool to control the important changes and teach you how to use it. The result overcomes even the greatest expectations.

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