Online Testing from 4Service – a simple way to define the actual level of staff competence.

Quality work with personnel means constant training of the employees and control of their competence. For the realization of the second part of this task a convenient and effective method exists -Online Testing 4Service. 100% of our business partners choose this service and benefit from its use.

Why online testing of personnel can be useful

Online testing allows defining the actual level of competence and motivation of the employees with a minimum energy and time consumption of both management and the employees involved.

These days there are a huge number of proven evaluation tests for the following specialities:

Sales advisors and sales agents;

Technicians and security guards;

Technical and engineering employees and middle managers;

Security guards and employees of industrial enterprises.

The testing can be conducted on various parameters:

Psychological stability and compatibility;

Devotion to the company and teamwork skills;

Initiative and involvement;

Professional skills and ability to act in extreme situations.

The results received during the testing often serve as the basis for reclassification and are used as important information for personnel issues solutions.

Advantages of 4Service online testing

4Service specialists have developed and tried out different variants of the online tests. Management of business units greatly benefits from using our groundwork due to the following reasons:

  1. It saves time. One can pass the online test anywhere and at any time, including the time free from duties performance.
  2. It saves energy and means. There is no need to involve specialists to collect and analyse the results of the tests, as well as providing with special room.
  3. It provides valuable information in a convenient way. The blanks which were filled by the employees are immediately treated by using special software.

4Service online testing is simple, convenient and advantageous. True information about the employees’ level of competence and psychological stability helps you to solve the staff issues quickly and efficiently.

Do you want to know who deserves to occupy a vacant position? – We can help you!

Do you intend to get to know perfectly every employee? – It is possible with 4Service.

Do you want to find out the competence level of the sales personnel? – The testing will reflect the true picture!

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