4Service price monitoring and POSM-audit – useful researches for the active producers

Modern producer has to put a lot of efforts in order to develop his business successfully. Apart from new goods developing and the product advertising it is very useful to use the marketing researches. Price monitoring and POSM-audit allow to obtain an extremely important information in the point of sales. 4Service gladly tackles this job and always provides the client with trustworthy data.

Why the price monitoring should be entrusted to 4Service

Tracking the prices in the points of sales is an important task for every producer. In order to realize it on his own, the producer has either to enlarge the number of the employees or to engage the employees who are responsible for other duties.

The efficiency of the price audit conducted by non-specialists is very low, because they have no practical skills in this domain. Moreover, the employee has to put aside his primary work and duties in order to make the audit.

However, employing the monitoring specialist will results in excessive costs.

That is why the cooperation with third-party specialized companies is the most optimal variant to carry out the price audit.

4Service perform the price monitoring quickly and efficiently. 100% of our clients order repeatedly this service since they are fully satisfied with the results of our researches.

Who needs POSM-audit

POSM-monitoring is essential for the producers who use the last innovations in order to promote their goods. This type of audit includes tracking the special equipment in the sales points (e.g. refrigerators, windows, umbrellas, furniture).

The auditor evaluates both the presence and the state of the equipment (the product display, appearance, functionality). The received data is accompanied by the subjective note from our specialist.

4Service specialists are very experienced in price monitoring and POSM audit. We love our clients, so during the research we procure for you only the most useful and trustworthy information. We are open to the cooperation with the producers and we are responsible for the results of our work.

Do you want to track the prices in the retail points? – We will help you!

Would you like to examine the equipment in the trade network? – We will examine carefully every refrigerator!

Do you want to find out the actual prices of your competitors? – With 4Service it is very easy!

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