4Service surveys– an excellent chance to find out the real opinion of your customer

In order to develop the business correctly, it is always necessary to get truthful information from the customer, make well-timed amendments in the strategy and strengthen the customer’s devotion. The company 4Service offers you the unique tool to find out the real opinion of customers – professionally made surveys. We offer three types of interviewing at a time:

Surveys at the store exit

This technique provides the greatest representation (truthfulness) of the received data. It covers the customers of all age, education, gender or income level. With the help of the questionnaire which was prepared in advance the interviewer gets the information in several minutes and transfers it immediately to the special portal ShopMetrics.

The survey is conducted with the help of modern computer equipment like tablets with the electronic version of the questionnaire. The interview is audio recorded at the same time.

Online surveys

Online surveys offer certain advantages. The application of modern online technologies allows to interview:

by sending e-mails;

by sending SMS;

directly on the web-site of the client.

The online surveys are convenient due to the following reasons:

    1. Possibility to interview twenty-four hours a day, which means the most suitable time for the customer.
    2. Obtaining the detailed data. The customer has an unlimited time to share his or her impressions.
    3. Low cost. The customers get in the site with no additional efforts to find them.
    4. Instant data receiving. The information provided by the customers is sent directly to the client right after the blank filling.

Telephone surveys

The telephone surveys are conducted by 4Service call-centre. We use the INFINITY software, which generates questionnaires, automatically composes the telephone number, filters the respondents according to the set parameters and records the interview.

When talking with a real call-centre agent, the customer is more disposed to provide the true information. Trained specialists quickly set a contact with their respondents, obtain their opinion about the matter. Giving feedback strengthens the customer’s devotion.

4Service offers a wide variety of surveys, which are highly effective. With their help you will easily find out the opinion of your customer avoiding an important consumption of means and energy. Taking in consideration the customers’ opinion makes your business stronger and more attractive them.

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