On July 19, Ukrainian retailers gathered at the "2013 Trade Industry Conference. Best Trade Practices". Covering all sectors of commerce, the conference brought together the country's trade industry leaders.4Service was invited as a customer service expert.

Sergei Pashkovskiy, 4Service Group service director, presented a report on "Service Observation as a Tool to Improve Retail System Performance". In this report, he illustrated the advantages and benefits that good service gave to retailers and introduced modern trends in correlation between service, loyal customers, and sales turnover. Ways to improve service quality in Ukrainian retail were also proposed. The speaker delivered Mystery Shopping analytical data resulting from more than 12,000 service evaluations in Ukrainian retail conducted since the beginning of the year.

As the 4Service study shows, the criterion of "Standards Fulfillment" ranks first, followed by retail customers' positive subjective evaluation. Ukrainian retailers' NPS amounts to 35%. Together, all the indicators show upward trends indicating the good results Ukrainian retailers have been gradually gaining in service quality improvement.

The Tablet Questionnaire, a new customer feedback tool, caught the audience's interest. 4Service Group presented a new software product for interactive surveying: conference participants were invited to give their feedback on the event, and then the data were quickly processed in order for the survey findings to be delivered at the end of the conference.

 Mystery Shopping

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