The geography of the 4Service Group projects is so extended that it becomes possible to assert with confidence that our Mystery Shoppers provide the service quality checks even in the most remote corners of the Eurasian continent.

The 4Service Mystery Shopping projects have been proved that there is no such a concept for Mystery Shoppers as "remote location". On their foot, using public and private transport, by reindeer, dog sledding and even by helicopter Mystery Shoppers reach the cities, towns and villages to assess the level of service.

The most extensive in geographical coverage are the projects running in the Russian Federation. From Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, from Novosibirsk to Norilsk to the shops, banks, gas stations, restaurants and hotels 4Service`s employees come secretly to evaluate the quality of service.

Launch of the new projects and strong growth of the activity of the companies dealing with management of the service quality cause an expansion of database of Mystery Shoppers. As a result, the inflow of the new Mystery Shoppers had been grown twice, and 4200 people started new cooperation with 4Service Russia last month.

However, 4Service Group continues to expand a portfolio of the projects outside the CIS. Today in Europe and Central Asia the evaluations of the service quality are carried out by 17 thousand of Mystery Shoppers. The greatest number of the service level auditors are concentrated in Germany, Italy and Turkey. 4Service carries out not only the usual Mystery Shopping projects in the scope of fashion-retail, household appliances and electronics, gas station networks. At the end of 2013 there was a research project on domestic European markets launched – food and various household items and services.

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