2013 was a banner year for 4Service; it was the first time that 200,000 service quality assessments were completed in a year.

More and more companies of different industries are investigating their own service quality and choosing to do it via Mystery Shopping. Being a service management partner for businesses in Europe and Asia, 4Service Group helps service companies develop and implement service standards and improve and measure service quality.

Over the past year, 4Service Group Mystery Shoppers carried out more than 217,000 service quality assessments, almost twice as many as in the prior year. The greatest number of completed visits belongs to the Mystery Shoppers of Russia (106,500 assessments). The number of European countries among the total number of service assessments is growing steadily.

Hopefully, 2014 will bring new and interesting projects, geographic expansion, and better service quality in all countries of 4Service Group operations.

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