The drive to be highly customer-oriented as well as give the best service is a feature of many successful companies. Many managers intuitively understand that service quality affects the success of the whole company. However, this trait is difficult to single out since profits are determined by many business factors, both external and internal.

4Service company conducted an interesting study and found out that average purchase size depends on customer satisfaction with service quality. The result was impressive. The average purchase size of those customers who chose the company because of its excellent service was 6% bigger than that of the customers whose choice was based on other factors.

In order to find out exactly what the reason was for choosing an outlet, customers were asked "Would you like to visit this outlet again?" and "Why?" (because of a product/brand, location, price or service). The study covered more than two thousand questionnaires of consumers (Mystery Shoppers) who visited restaurants, coffee shops, and pizzerias.

The key factor of choosing a restaurant or café turned out to be location, which came as no big surprise. Another fact is more interesting: the average purchase size of the customers who pay attention to service quality when choosing outlets was 6% bigger than that of other clients. This is direct proof of the fact that high-quality service is profitable and the profit can be measured.

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