A fish-and-chip snackbar in Ferndown was ranked one of Britain's best fast food shops. Out of 300 outlets, Salt and Vinegar was among the Top-50 best restaurants chosen by Fry's Magazine.

After several months of waiting, Karen Milner, the owner, received a letter confirming that her restaurant had been the only one from Dorset County to make it on the list of best restaurants.

"A mystery shopper evaluated us some time ago. We had no idea, then a letter came telling us that we had received 99 points out of 100. I was pleasantly surprised", Karen said.

"We lost 1 point when we failed to ask the mystery shopper if he wanted something else, say, a drink or mushy peas. But we don't think it's a must; we don't feel like insisting our customers buy something they don't want to."

Salt and Vinegar opened 2.5 years ago, after Karen and her husband Brian moved to Dorset.

Source: bournemouthecho.co.uk

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