Mystery Shopping Providers in Africa, Asia, Europe, North- and South America have participated in the Smiling Report 2013. The report compiles customer service data from evaluations conducted across a spectrum of industries during 2012. The summary for the year 2012 is based on answers to more than 2 million questions covering Smile, Greeting and Add-on sales in 57 countries. 78% of the customers received a smile, 84% of the customers were greeted while only 56% received an add-on sales suggestion. However, most figures are higher than in many years. Spain is the best country on both smiling and add-on sales and top 4 on greeting.

 Smiling Spain had a smiling score of 96% during 2012, followed by Greece 95%, Poland 94% and China 92%. Pakistan again had the lowest results with only 40% smiling and Slovenia had 41%. Highest scoring continents were South America with 83% and Is This Love North America 82%. Lowest scoring continent was Africa with 66%. Highest scoring industries were Finance with 87% and Hospitality with 85%. The Transport industry was again the lowest with only 62% smiling, followed by Government with 64%.

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