A Mystery Shopper from England, who pretended to be an Internet user lacking high-speed Internet access for a month, visited several companies in order to find out what solution the providers can offer in this situation.

He evaluated the Internet providers using such criteria as product range, personnel product expertise, customer needs identification, active sales, and shop interior/exterior. The results received allowed a ranking of six retail outlets according to their service quality.

Carphone Warehouse took sixth place. Active sales criterion had the worst result– 0 out of 5 points- and product range received the same grade – 0 out of 5 points. EE company appeared to be the best: its outlet received 5 points for almost all criteria, only product range received 4 points and interior – 3 points.

Phones 4u company took fifth place. It received low grades on such criteria as product range, employee expertise, needs identification, and shop interior. 

O2 company took fourth place.  Its product range and employee expertise let the company down slightly. However, its outlet interior received a good grade. 

The Mystery Shopper, who put the Three company in third place for service quality, said that the company’s service was much better than that of the others; however, the sale was easy and the employees did not make much effort.

A Vodafone shop assistant recommended a high-quality solution, though the good impression was spoiled by his rude colleagues.

The EE employee, on the contrary, demonstrated excellent expertise, came up with the best offer and made a fine sale – for which he received first place from the Mystery Shopper.

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