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These days letting the sales drift is equivalent to strangle your business with your bare hands. In the severe competitive conditions and diversity of offer in the stores, the customer can easily find a similar product at the concurrent store. Potential customer shamelessly will go to the neighbouring store where exactly the same product is on sale. Why?, you will ask. Because in this store was realized an effective sales stimulation program.

Why the sales should be stimulated?

This is a very legitimate and topical question. Sales stimulation is not an owner’s caprice, but it is an extremely urgent need. Every product needs to be promoted. The sales stimulation programs increase the personal interest to make a purchase by the final consumer of the following public:


commercial agents;


usual customers.

The sales stimulation can be realized in different ways. It can be accompanied by:

eye-catching advertising and lotteries;

free products distribution and remunerating of the best sellers;

offering the additional discounts and organization of the expositions.

The effect of the sales stimulation can last:

  1. During the short time period. It is characterized by sales burst and sellers’ active work while the program is being realized.
  2. During long-time period. It is characterized by the positive change of the customers’ attitude towards your business.

How our company stimulates the sales

4Service Group develops and realizes unique sales stimulating programs.

Many of you will say, that hundreds of companies offering the similar service claim exactly the same thing. However, we have a serious ground to stand out among the others: we have the biggest army of 300 000 secret shoppers in Eastern Europe. They collect daily the data about how the things are going in the stores. They inform us about events happening in the shops, providing us with the most valuable information to analyse.

That is why we know what and how to do in a right way. We observe every day the real result of hundreds of sales stimulation programs. From us you will hear the truth, and feel love and respect of our employees. We greedily absorb the new facts and hurry to share them with you. 100% our clients order our sales stimulation programs again.

4Service Group sales stimulation programs work for the benefit of your business, making it move towards the new achievements. Our programs inspire the sellers to set their new records and leave your rival at a loose end. With us you will be fully satisfied with the results of your efforts and, moreover, the customers will love you!

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