Mystery Shopper jobs have become quite popular. People of different ages, professions, and education levels work with 4Service Group, making service assessments in different industries.

As of today, the database of active 4Service Mystery Shoppers includes more than 150,000 people in 42 countries in Europe and Asia. Such an impressive number allows the company to investigate service in line with the high standards of the world's top Mystery Shopping agencies. When selecting a Mystery Shopper for a particular visit we ensure his/her full compliance with the company’s real customer profile as well as the rotation principle, since the same person is not allowed to evaluate the same outlet often.
So who are they, these 4Service Mystery Shoppers? Who exactly assesses service quality and helps improve the service in different cities and countries?

In different countries of the CIS, Europe, and Asia, 4Service Group works with more than 150,000 Mystery Shoppers, 42% of them being male and 58% female. For the great majority of the Group’s Mystery Shoppers, service assessments are a second job (71% of women and 63% of men are employed). Our Mystery Shoppers are educated people. Among our Mystery Shoppers, as little as 19% of women have only a secondary education, 28% are undergraduates, the remaining 53% have a graduate degree. As for men, 24% have only a secondary education, 28% are undergraduates, and the remaining 48% have a graduate degree. Over recent years, Mystery Shopping has engaged older people. In different countries, 40% of Mystery Shoppers who joined the company were under 25 and 60% were over 25.

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