Falsified visits are a serious problem which all Mystery Shopping providers encounter. 4Service’s priority is to find a solution to this problem since unreliable (and sometimes fabricated) visit reports distort the real state of things in customer service and, therefore, become a solid obstacle to better service quality.
Counterfeits found at any stage of Mystery Shopper visits are called fraud. Fraud can include visits falsified by mystery shoppers or the client's employees who registered as Mystery Shoppers, made an assessment, and inflated scores. Any attempt to carry out a visit breaking 4Service rules can be considered fraud.
4Service continues to prove that we are experts in the area and that the quality of our services can be relied on. Fighting fraud isn’t an exception; we succeed in our fight against fraud and we present the best Mystery Shopper database.
Many different specialists are involved in fighting fraud from different departments and areas: project managers, service managers, assignment managers, coordinators, validators, the IT department. They all use company guidelines to identify and preclude fraud. We check new Mystery Shoppers carefully; we ask for information about employees of the client company to prevent their participation in assessments. Every week we analyze rejected questionnaires and identify what the problem was. Every month we prepare a report on rejected questionnaires and specify the reasons for rejections. And finally, in all cases we share our experience in fraud prevention with colleagues; together we discuss and analyze questionnaires, situations, and ideas for fraud prevention. Mystery Shoppers who were caught cheating are suspended from our projects and blacklisted as «Bad Shoppers». We do not work with individuals from that list.

Of course, we won’t reveal all the secrets of the fraud prevention since it could help cheaters find new loopholes. We can say with confidence though that we do our best to make our Mystery Shopper database the most reliable among our competitors. As of today, we are successfully reaching that goal. 

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