Service quality in Ukrainian banks improved from February to August 2014 although the trend is not stable. Notwithstanding gradual service improvement in branches, the banking sector cannot maintain the excellent performance. These were the findings of the 4Service analytical report titled “Service Quality Research into Personal Banking in Ukrainian Banks”.

According to bank customer assessments, the standards are being upheld above 80% overall, yet such a result is far from perfect.  Areas to be improved for bank employees include offering additional products and closing deals. As to greetings and goodbyes, compliance of these service standards should be improved: the staff greets customers in 86% of cases and says goodbye in 88% of cases.

It is worth noting that compared to this February, in August bank employees greeted customers 8% more often, and there's still room to improve on that. The best result was achieved in June: 95.3% of employees greeted customers. The worst was in March, when as few as 73% of employees greeted customers.

In whole, Ukrainian banks showed the best results in meeting courtesy standards: customers estimated courtesy of personnel as 97% on average over the period. Employees do a good job handling customer complaints: in 90% of cases, employees coped with such tasks and answered objections adequately.

Employees received 89% in product presentation; however, they showed better results at the beginning of the year: 94% of employees made high-quality presentations in February. Customers valued employee initiative as high as 88%. Again, the result declined by 20% over this period: at the beginning of the year the employees demonstrated initiative in 99% of cases, down to 79% at the end of summer.

This research was conducted among Ukrainian banks by 4Service company using the Mystery Shopping method over a period from February to August 2014.

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