A service quality audit can be based not only on evaluation of employees who sell to customers or serve them; employee performance can also be checked on other levels. It can be especially useful at the staff recruiting stage, since it is the performance of HR-specialists that determines who works for a company.

A Chief Executive Officer often notices a problem during the personnel recruiting and training stage; however, it is quite difficult for a CEO to evaluate the performance of a HR-manager. For example, if a company can’t find a good employee for a long time or faces employee turnover or problems with the speed and quality of training, it makes sense to hire a Mystery Employee and try to improve the situation.

A Mystery Employee service is the evaluation of the recruiting procedure and standards compliance in communication with candidates for vacant jobs.

Using the “Mystery Employee” technique, a CEO will discover weaknesses, find out which standards are met or not, and what needs to be done to improve HR-management performance.

For instance, HR-professionals may incompetently and inadequately interview candidates, demonstrate an unfriendly attitude, or simply lose application forms and fail to keep contact with candidates. Moreover, HR-professionals may turn down candidates for subjective reasons or poorly written text can alienate potential candidates in the early stage of the job search.

However, if negative tendencies in the work of HR-professionals are checked and detected, it is possible to understand what the problem is, fix weaknesses, and improve the quality of communication with candidates. 4Service experts will not only spot flaws but also help find the best personnel recruitment and retention techniques for each industry.

It is worth remembering that this service is not a panacea. Every method should be used in combination with other organizational and motivational methods and management tools.

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