14-19 October:

4Service participated in and sponsored the two major North American mystery shopping events this year, i.e. The MSPA North America conference and the very first ever Shopper Fest.

The annual MSPA conference took place in Orlando under the ‘mystery name’ CXE3 and attracted 100+ provider participants from the US, Canada and beyond. The 4Service team was proud to sponsor and exhibit at the conference as an International Associate and European MSPA member that offers North American providers scheduling support in Europe for their international projects. We were very eager to show our partners overseas that our coverage of  Europe and Asia is now truly complete, encompassing 50 countries, and that we have ambitious plans for the future. These include further strengthening our capabilities and growing our operations now that we have launched our new additional European scheduling hub in Bratislava, Slovakia.

4Service Group chairman Harvey Gilbert, opening a 4Service-sponsored workshop, told the members about our scheduling experience in Europe and described its coverage and quality, and the benefits  MS providers can receive from outsourcing their field operation to a professional partner. Harvey then introduced Steven di Pietro, who is a past MSPA Asia Pacific President. Stephen gave an amazing presentation, bringing the idea of understanding consumer behavior through Neuroscience to the conference.

Just two days later, the first ever Shopper Fest by MSPA took place, gathering together some of the most professional and enthusiastic shoppers on the continent, some of whom had travelled from as far as Alaska! And at their own expense. Truly committed!!

Shoppers were invited to take part in focused training by MSPA, meet the biggest MS providers that most already did work for, and enjoy time with their colleagues on the entertainment program provided as part of the Shopper Fest. Some of the leading providers in North America were present, and they were happy to reply to shoppers’ questions from the stage and during Opening Party at their booths, eager to talk with shoppers and learn more about their motivation and requirements. Many different kinds of shoppers and people were represented there, including the lady  who starts every day with checking out the MS websites in order to apply for the most interesting assignments, and then chooses what to wear that day depending on her shopping assignments; she then only has her morning coffee. We also met a professional actor who loves mystery shopping and has been doing it for more than 15 years, seeing it as a key part of a happy life.

4Service was very happy to sponsor the Shopper Fest as well, handing out souvenirs to the participants, chatting and and telling mystery shopping stories of Europe – and of course learning a lot about the shoppers American experience. The event proved a revelation, giving us a distinct, North American shopper perspective on job  motivation and quality drivers and the shopper/agency interface.

New MSPA providers and shopper friends, Disneyland and Miami beaches, alligators along the highways and the space shuttle exhibition at Cape Canaveral helped the 4Service team to really enjoy the experience and to build some lovely memories, as well as learning a lot about the home of mystery shopping. North America is where it all started in the 80’s.

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