According to the results of the study on men’s and women’s expectations from service in clothes stores conducted by 4Service Group, politeness of staff is more important for customers than the brand. What is more, men prefer shopping at certain shops due to polite employees more often than women, while ladies are ready to spend more if the staff is nice to them.
There also gender differences in the notion of “favorite shop”. Most men (68%)  tend to shop for clothes at a place with the most acceptable price range, while 78% of women would choose an outlet with the best assortment.
It is interesting that shoe stores are picked by both men and women according to the same parameters, the most important being assortment of shoes, boots, sandals, snickers and other footwear.  However, if we look at the figures, we will see that for women assortment outweighs price significantly – 74% vs 60% respectively, while for men both of these factors are equally important. At the same time, men are more easily attracted by various special offers and discounts when it comes to buying shoes, while women prefer to look for sales in clothes stores.
What is more, both for customers of clothes and footwear stores, politeness of staff turned out to be more important, than the brand name, cleanliness at the venue, quick service and even location of the store. Men seem to be more attentive to courteous staff – 43% of male respondents name politeness as the most important factor of choice of the shop, while among women this figure is only 40%.
It is also surprising to know, that 61% of women and 56% of men are ready to pay more for politeness of staff.
The survey was conducted by 4Service Group February 2015 among clients of clothes and shoes stores of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The results are based on the answers of 745 respondents.
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