A recent audit by the Australia-based Mystery Customer Pty Ltd showed that 71% of employees in 42 fast-food restaurants didn't wear name badges. Why are name badges so important and why should employees wear them? It's as simple as this; name badges improve customer relations. According to the research, clients who know the name of the person serving them have better contact with the staff; this can have a positive sales effect.

According to a U.S. study, customers want to know names of employees. 96% of respondents said that in business relationships it's necessary to call a person by name. More than 70% of them said that it was important for them to see the name of a sales assistant; 76% said they had greater trust and confidence in a company's professionalism if the staff had name badges.

Customers like dealing with real people. Knowing an employee's name helps avoid faceless contact with a 'receptionist' or 'sales assistant' and enables a client to feel more comfortable. According to a British Mystery Shopping provider's study, companies that made name badges obligatory have increased customer satisfaction by 12%.
Source: mysterycustomer.com.au

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