Hidden cameras and mystery shopping may be a part of the updated procedure of care homes and domiciliary care inspection in England next year. The inspection will show if service in care homes is caring and safe.

Andrea Sutcliffe, a new Adults Social Welfare inspector, said that she would like to explore the role of such methods in revealing neglect or abuse. However, she admitted that the use of these tools should be balanced and based on human rights, privacy, and respect for dignity.
Further steps will be agreed upon before the launch of the new system next year.

New Inspectors of the Quality Committee will find out if the services are:

  • safe
  • caring
  • effective
  • well-managed
  • relevant to people's needs

Inspections in each of the 25,000 care homes, nursing homes, and domiciliary care services will begin in autumn 2014 and finish by March 2016.

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