Is it possible to use shopping as therapy? According to the results of a "cash-back" survey on the website *, 63% of women and about one third of men (39%) shop to improve their mood.

On the whole, more than half of the American population will participate in  «retail therapy», according to the survey.

"Our survey confirms that shopping really is "therapy" for many people and lifts their spirits after an unsuccessful day. And visiting an online shop can produce “the necessary effect” in only a pair of clicks", said the Director General of, Mr. Kevin H. Johnson.

Other results of the survey:
  • 57.9% of women use clothes buying to improve their mood, also about one third of women choose footwear and accessories.
  • Men are more interested in purchasing electronics, games, or music. At the same time, 28.1% of men admitted that buying food is a kind of "therapy" for them.
  • 18.9 % of respondents assert that shopping helps to recover after a hard working day, while 14% use “retail therapy” after receiving bad messages. Slightly more than 10% say that they go shopping after conflicts with significant people.
  • About 80% of survey participants assert that a successful purchase makes them feel better, and 61% of respondents take part in sales.

* The website is one of the “cash back” websites. While purchasing online, the user of the service receives a certain % of a refund from all purchases.


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