"Positive reinforcement of employees - the main element of the success equation casino," said Martin R. Bayard, CEO of Robinson & Associates. "This is what the principle of action of this formula. Excellent level of service - this is a competitive advantage for the casino. The level of service depends on how employees treat customers. Employees are happy when their accomplishments and efforts are highly appreciated and encouraged. And happy employees provide excellent service. "

Bayard argues that casino employees are tired of hearing about your mistakes. They want praise and recognition from management. "In fact, praise for them is more important than money. But for them it is important to praise be objective, "- says Bayard.

Reward employees based only on estimates of the manager, are suspect, so the service in the casino should evaluate "third parties" - mystery shoppers.

"We mystery shoppers have absolutely no personal interest in which employees receive a reward. They evaluate the service that they receive in the course of interaction with the staff during the visit, and then present the results in reports. This eliminates bias "- explains Bayard.

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