As the British Institute of Customer Service said, customer service quality greatly impacts buying decisions.

Almost two-thirds of consumers (58%) refused services/goods because of poor service. More than three quarters of them (77%) said that when faced with poor service, they avoid using the company’s services again if there is a choice. On the other hand, 63% of consumers who had a positive service experience were ready to use the services/goods of the company again and again.

"Quality customer service is well rewarded. Most consumers search for a balance between service quality and price. But about a quarter of customers (23%) are willing to pay extra – 10% on average – for better service," said Jo Causon, Institute of Customer Service CEO.
Customers use a wide variety of methods and devices to deal with companies both electronically and personally," Causon said. "The value of the recommendations in this new environment is more important now than ever, since consumers get information at their fingertips via smart phone or a tablet. Often there is a wide range of options which allow them to 'slam the door' if they are not satisfied."

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