Volunteer mystery shoppers will test service by the Staffordshire police (UK).

The project includes visits to police stations, phone calls, and monitoring the police website. Some 20 volunteers have already agreed to participate in the inspection on a regular basis. The project was initiated by the Staffordshire police and Commissioner Matthew Ellis.

"The customer experience of Staffordshire residents should determine the work of state bodies and serve as a basis for the establishment of criminal justice. For a long time people adjusted to the system, instead of the system adjusting to the people,» Commissioner Ellis says.

"Society should test the police in order to improve service standards, raise confidence in the police, and ensure that people get good service. Staffordshire police and my office are working out realistic scenarios for the volunteers’ visits to the police stations, calls, and web site assessments."

As Commissioner Ellis said, the mystery shoppers will play a key role in delivering objective information to society.

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