As NewVoiceMedia research on customer response toward service in the United States and Great Britain shows, British consumers are less tolerant of poor service than Americans.
According to the findings of the study, every year British companies lose twice as much money as American ones due to customer loss. At the same time, the researchers note that service quality should remain a top priority for American businesses, since Americans are twice as likely to tell others about their bad experience.
Every year 41 billion dollars in revenue in the United States and 12 billion pounds in the UK are lost by companies (and gained by others) due to poor communication with clients. These amounts do not include losses caused by failure to acquire customers and bad publicity.
British consumers are more likely than American ones (50% to 44% respectively) to go to competitors after receiving poor service. Clients in both countries would rather drop companies in which they do not feel that they are valued as customers.
The most annoying thing for customers in British telephone service is waiting for a connection with an operator (49%). However, the British are ready to wait longer than American consumers. Only 16% of British respondents would hang up after five minutes of waiting, compared with 22% of the American ones.
As the results of research in the two countries show, women are much more patient than men.
American customers are far less likely to forgive and forget their negative experience than British ones. Half of the US customers tend to spread negative feedback among friends and colleagues, while in the UK there are only 27% of such customers. In both regions, women are more likely than men to complain and to recommend not using the company's services.
Nevertheless, a positive impression of a company has a huge impact on customers. 72% of respondents in both countries said that good service had a significant influence on their loyalty to the company. 70% of them would recommend the company to friends and acquaintances. American customers tend to spend more money on services from the companies whose service they liked (42% vs. 34% in the UK).
Good service generally has a greater influence on women than men. Women are more likely to recommend a company with quality service to other people.

This study confirms the fact that customers have a greater influence on the success of a business than other factors. Excellent customer service is the most important advantage; investment in personalized services and attention to satisfying customer needs at every stage of service will help companies retain customers and ensure further company development, "- Jonathan Gale, NewVoiceMedia CEO said.

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