Retail chain Spar has successfully relaunched its Sparkling Service program across the UK and is reaping the benefit – mystery shoppers started giving higher grades for the chain’s service. 

The program aimed at improving the service quality was resumed in January in order to help the retailer create competitive advantage at the British market.

Spar’s Corporate Development Director Philip Marchant reports that, according to the mystery shoppers’ audits in 200 Spar supermarkets, the service started to meet the standards much more often compared to the situation before the Sparkling Service program’s launch. 

On the whole, 94% of mystery shoppers and actual Spar’s clients have noticed the improvements in stores’ interiors: the average score for cleanliness and neatness of the interior has increased by 4%. 

There have been significant improvements in cash-desk service as well: 78% of cashiers currently offer help with packaging, compared to 69% in the past. 

The NPS (Net Promoter Score) index has been calculated for each store. This index indicates the general client’s satisfaction with service and what the chances are that the client recommends Spar stores to family, friends and acquaintances. This index has grown from 42,5 to 47 according to the audits that took place during the Sparkling Service program.

“These are fantastic results, compared to our numerous competitors”, claimed Marchant.

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