Michelin mystery shhoping

To further strengthen the tire trade in a dynamically changing environment and to adapt its services to the increasing demands of customers, Michelin developed its quality partnership program. Since its launch in 2011, around 1,200 tire dealers in Germany and 200 in Austria have been audited and certified.
The French brand has decided to take its quality control even further after the changes in European law that require manufacturers and vehicle owners to regularly monitor tire pressure for the sake of driving safety. At Michelin’s official website they recommend to check tire pressure once a month in authorized outlets.
In connection to this, a new tool called “mystery shopping” has been introduced. Specially trained customers will evaluate the service quality according to precisely defined criteria. They will help to estimate the company’s progress and uncover any weaknesses in service. Thus, the new certification process will integrate current innovations in tire pressure monitoring systems and increased communication with consumers.  In addition to this, Michelin announced the intention to get more feedback from clients on the Internet.
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