Upon congratulating clients on the 2013 New Year, 4Service employees wished star service to all of them... and they haven't disappointed anybody!

On May 31, 4Service celebrated its birthday. 12 successful years of improving the quality of service in several countries during economic crises, tough competition, and market instability- it's a rather good reason to celebrate, isn't it?

Therefore, it was quite logical and joyful that our star, the 4Service star, began shining that day in a galaxy far, far away. Such a present can hardly be overestimated, since a company having its own star is a joyous and symbolic event. Prospects for growth are a must-have for any company in today's world. We're not going to stop: we'll keep on expanding geographically and now even astronomically. Outer space exploration is at hand and while it's impossible to open an office on a star, our company has already reserved a place in a galaxy, next to a star that's modest but our own.

Service exists wherever humans exist. With the first steps of humanity into outer space, we're ready to set up the best service in any corner of any galaxy.
Thus, we have astronomical prospects and we are happy to provide only star service to our clients. Now it's official!

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