According to a subjective customer assessment, service in the Ukrainian bank sector needs serious improvement: more than 20% of customers feel uncomfortable in a bank office due to its interior. These were the findings of a 4Service analytical report titled “Personal Banking Service Quality Research in Ukrainian banks”. Although operational standards show high results (above 90%), according to subjective customer opinion the results are ambiguous. Customers are 85% satisfied with the speed of service yet they are disappointed with bank office interiors.

Bank customers in Ukraine like the speed of service the most: 85% of them were satisfied with how fast they were served. Courtesy and friendliness took second place – 84.7% of customers are satisfied with the level of courtesy. 84.6% of customers were satisfied with employee knowledge and ability to deliver information to a listener.

The bank interior is the thing that customers are the most dissatisfied with: more than 20% of them feel uncomfortable in a bank office due to its interior. The bank interior can consist of: desk placement, customer seating placement, open space, quality lighting, electronic queues, coat-hangers, water coolers, and so on.

Subjective branch index February-August 2014-10-20 Speed of Service Courtesy and friendliness Staff expertise Enthusiasm, sales-drive Interior (convenience and comfort for customers). This research was conducted by 4Service among Ukrainian banks via the Mystery Shopping method in August 2014.

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