The speed of questionnaire delivery to a client is one of the most crucial competitive advantages in the marketing technologies industry as well as the most important service quality indicator. 4Service company, which improves service quality in service companies, enhances its own service too, that is why 4Service monitors and increases the speed of delivery of questionnaires to its clients.

4Service IT department developed special software which helps measure the speed of data delivery to clients in hours, from a Mystery Shopper visit until questionnaire delivery to the client. The program also calculates the speed at which questionnaires are filled out by Mystery Shoppers and the speed of the actual validation.

The first speed evaluation results showed that 53% of questionnaires are delivered to a client within 48 hours after a visit. Now 4Service operational department is making efforts to improve this number and deliver questionnaires to all clients within the shortest possible time.

Service delivery speed is a part of service quality and certain employees are responsible for this. Since 4Service not only educates others but also learns from first-hand experience that the best employees are loyal employees, 4Service appreciates its staff and encourages their improved results. Thus, 4Service teams of managers compete for greater speed of questionnaire delivery.

The team who delivers the questionnaires the fastest receives a bonus following the monthly results.

“Delivery of more than 50% of questionnaires to a client within the first 48 hours after a Mystery Shopper visit is a good result. However, we want to go the extra mile and cut the speed of questionnaire delivery from 48 to 24 hours,” says 4Service Senior Project Manager, Tatyana Bayura.

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